Monday, 24 January 2011

Toast of the Town

We had a busy weekend (rowing mainly - what's new?) but also getting to know our neighbours Mary and Martin on nb Dragonfly. We spend a good couple of hours having tea, cookies and mince pies with them, discussed all things boaty and admired their lovely narrowboat. It is peacock blue on the outside and the interior is beautiful - all reclaimed wood and quarry tiles. James is going to go over and help with changing their Beta engine's fuel filter next weekend. We also promised to go cruising with them sometime soon to help them build their confidence (they are new boaters) by sharing the lock and heading out to the Bridge or somewhere.

Anyway, aside from all this, we noticed strange happenings on the bank, as several of the trees on the Common grew toast! At first we thought it a message from the Toast Marketing Board (afraid you'd have to be a Jasper Fforde reader - and if you're not you should be! - to get that one!) but it was in fact part of the save the trees campaign which has been highlighting the plight of several 'mis-shapen' trees on the Common which don't fit the grand tree plan and are to be cut down.

This is the little mis-shapen oak which has been the centre of the campaign

Lyra eyes up the toast!

Does it taste good? Lyra, as always, is unconvinced.

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