Friday, 7 January 2011

New saplings on the Common

We had been hearing about the tree planting and felling proposed for the Common for a while, and here it is. The felling of some diseased and misshapen trees has been the subject of some controversy. One tree (the only oak and due to be felled) was decorated like a Christmas tree to highlight its plight. It's good to see new trees, although it will make finding a sunny spot harder now there are fewer gaps.

In other news, a meeting to discuss the Cam Con's fee changes is scheduled for Monday at 7:30. More at I hope we can make some useful progress in deciding our course of action but it will be interesting certainly. Most important is to make sure facts are straight and the committee have been working hard on that.


  1. From the photo it looks like its the cameraman that has been felled!

  2. Silly phone - it seems to have uploaded sideways again.Now corrected!