Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Iced In

Well, temporarily. We awoke to a bizarre lack of movement and stillness, as there were no rowing boats out. Eventually, I think a brave scull or something must have passed because there was a great scrunching and squeaking as the ice around the Duck broke and ground against the boat. We looked out of the window to see a sheet of thin ice across the river. We've never seen that before. It was quite impressive. The swans were icebreaking through it, so it wasn't thick, but it was all the way across the river.

The trees and grass looked beautiful - all covered in hoar frost.


  1. The water temperature must be getting really cold if the rivers are starting to freeze over!!

  2. awh lovely :) very christmassy

  3. What a wonderful life you have. I love your little home. Happy Jolly Winter to you.