Thursday, 27 May 2010

Bigger Battery Bank

The more orange one (top right) is the latest addition. As you can see, four 100Ah Elecsols fit perfectly in the box (which came with the boat). We started with 3, just in case the 4th didn't fit, so we could put them the other way round, with some supports if necessary. But the three fitted so well and left such an invting gap to be filled, that we always planned to buy another. So when we found that the three were struggling to keep up with the solar panel's output, this was the catalyst for finally buying the fouth one.

The only annoying thing is that the terminals are the other way around, as can be seen from the photo! It just makes the wiring slightly less neat.

And we're noticing the difference already. After an evening of TV/iPlayer watching (cathing up with Dr Who etc), the 'traffic lights' on the regulator still show amber, not red!


  1. When I bought our three batteries, which are stored in an L shape. I didn't realise I needed two with the terminals one way round and one the other way round, but I got very lucky and that's how they came when I ordered them. Next time I won't trust to luck.


  2. but... but... rotate the new one 180 degrees, and all you need are nice short straps to connect it in...?

  3. I had the same irritation with the new (to me) set of 220Ah Elecsols I just fitted. There was a delay of a week whilst I made up a new, longer cable to reach the reversed terminals. Why they did that, I know not. I suppose I now have a set of battery cables that will work with both arrangements, and even, I think, a mixed set like yours. So I'm future proof. at least.


  4. The big thing is also where the power take-offs from the battery bank come off. In order to keep the leads between the bank and the fuses, bus-bars etc. as short as possible, the negative take-off has to be on the corner nearest to the camera, and the positive at the other electrical end of the battery bank. The benefit of the switched terminals is that the positive take-off is nearer to the middle of the bank on the right hand side in the photographs, not right at the back as it would otherwise be.

    It also means that all the leads interconnecting the batteries can be exactly the same length. I'm not sure overall how much difference it would make, but I suppose it does mean that all batteries will have an even load, especially under high-drain applications like engine starting.

  5. Could I ask (or could you point me to) the details of your solar setup?