Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Big Fore-ends in Little Venice

Here's some of our favourite photos to illustrate our day at the Canalway Cavalcade:

We arrived out of Paddington station to be greeted by this!

Joseph (converted day boat with JP3), Vienna (FMC horse boat built in 1911), Kestrel (1928 Yarwoods built FMC motor), and Victoria (1931 Yarwoods built Royalty boat for ACC with JP2) (Thanks Mike)

President and Kildare were also moored up when we first arrived (we saw this pair for the first time back in 2008 when the visited Cambridge, before we had even bought the Duck)

Then we wandered along the towpath up the Paddington arm, hoping to spot other boats we knew. And lo and behold, we found Herbie, who we hoped would still be there, distinguished by its shiny paintwork and temporary signwriting!

Kath had also made some ingenious bunting from colourful carrier bags, which we admired before knocking to see if anyone was in. We were pleased to see Neil look out and invite us in for tea. It had also begun rainig by this point so cups of tea were most welcome, and we had a nice chat. Soon, Simon from nb Tortoise also showed up, and after more tea, we set out to find some food and drink and watch the historic boats parade.

We had hog roast rolls, and delicious Stowford Press cider which went very well together! We then wandered about the stalls and admired various boats.

Men With Beards talk about beer and boats. Note the rusty spanner embedded in the underside of the bridge- dropped into the wet concrete and then sinking to the bottom, revealed when the shuttering was removed.

Then we headed over to Tortoise which was moored in the perfect location to watch the 'parade'.

It turned out to be more like working boat dodgems! Great fun to watch, as the various pairs circumnavigated the island, weaving expertly in and out of the various other craft which seemed oblivious of the goings on!

Victoria's new paintjob- now in Associated Canal Carriers livery.

Famously large fore-end!

Archimedes and Ara, still working as diesel, gas, coal and pumpout boats on the GU.

All too soon it was time to head for home, but it was a fantastic day!


  1. The picture of the bows in order from the towpath is Joseph (converted day boat with JP3), Vienna (FMC horse boat built in 1911), Kestrel (1928 Yarwoods built FMC motor), and Victoria (1931 Yarwoods built Royalty boat for ACC with JP2).

  2. Hi guys just wondering how you guys make a living on the boat (finachaly...hope thats how its spelt...if not money wise. :P) I'm just curious so i know what to do if i ever live on an narrowboat.

  3. Hi Funkyk2009

    We just have normal jobs, no different to if we had graduated and decided to rent a flat! I am a research assistant at a consultancy firm, and J works in a school.

    Only if we were continuously cruising would we need to have the type of job that we could do anywhere.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Hi Amy. Thank you for visiting our blog. The photos of the Cavalcade look fantastic. We really missed going this year. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Hopefully next year, we will make it. Jo