Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Moving In, and Moving Out

We have not yet arranged our exact date for moving into Cambridge on a permanent basis. Hopefully it will be the weekend of the 27th Feb, or a few days before. We've still got to make an appointment to sign the documents, and our official letter has not yet arrived (apparently it was posted yesterday, but I imagine it takes a while for post to make its way out of the Council buildings!)

However, there are lots of things to sort out to facilitate our move, and to sort out when we arrive.

  • Collect all our belongings from under our bush the mooring (including my bike, bags of coal, some wood, and a pallet)
  • Say bye to everyone properly (hopefully with a party, although we're very busy in the next two weeks, so our official 'send off' might have to wait a bit.
  • Consider who we could recommend to fill our spot (M may have ideas already but our spot is quite desirable)
  • Acquire some scaffolding poles in case of flooding. Mike on Innocenti recommends Logic Scaffolding, so when we are in permanently we'll give them a call.
  • Make some heavier, nicer curtains. While we were moored outside the Fort during the lock closure, we felt very exposed, and although I like having the option to have lots of light, I'd also like to have some better curtains and keep them closed on the land-ward side at least. They'll also help keep heat in hopefully.
  • Choose where to moor... Hopefully somewhere on Midsummer Common. We have several spaces in mind.
  • Go and introduce ourselves to all our neighbours (especially the ones we've not met yet).
  • Organise a Mooring Warming Party! This is crucial! (We'll probably reserve a bit of the Fort, probably, since we can only have 6 on board comfortably at any one time).


  1. It's getting exciting! Give me a shout if there's anything needs doing, especially as I have four wheeled transport and currently no gainful employ, so a lot of fee time!

    eeeeee I am excited FOR you!

  2. Thanks Jim, that's really kind. Can't think of anything right now though, but if you're free you don't need an excuse to visit! We'd be happy to take you for a cruise on the Cam!

  3. Haha that would be ace :) I'll try to find you both on facebook :)

  4. OOoh a boat warming party.... can we all come?