Monday, 8 February 2010

FINALLY- we're in!

As of the beginning of March, Lucky Duck will be officially licenced to moor in Cambridge.

We just found out today from the lady in charge of the waiting list. She had said a few weeks ago that there was a possibility we'd be offered one of the five currently being allocated, if no-one took them up. And that she'd call me today.

By half three I could wait no longer. So I called her and she said yes, we'll get the letter soon, and can come in and sign the agreement after that. So just three weeks more of our current mooring. Which actually makes us really sad. The place and people out there are so lovely and the facilities so convenient, that we will miss them a lot. James said last night, that although we can enjoy all the advantages of the current mooring, we really do miss out through not having a car. But this is what we've wanted for so long that it is quite incredible to find that we will soon be living in Cambridge. There are quite a few thinsg to sort out in the meantime, and we need to decide where to moor (the licence doesn't allocate a space, but gives boaters the freedom to choose anywhere within the designated areas).

At the visitor moorings last year. We'll probably choose a spot somewhere in this picture, if possible.


  1. Good news, well done. I'm still hoping to be able to drop in some time - I'll give you warning!

  2. Well done Ducks, although I thought your old mooring was nice. Does this mean that the takings in the Fort will now rise exponentially?

    Neil & Kath

  3. We are so pleased to hear your news! Just the right time too, with spring just round the corner(we hope).
    Hope your rowing activities all go well.
    Nan & Grandad

  4. Good job guys :) is it much of a trip on the boat? Will it be night time enid blighton adventures again? or will you be enjoying the cruise :)

  5. @Halfie: looking forward to it!

    @Herbie: I expect they will, at least for our planned Mooring Warming Party

    @Nan and Grandad Tidy: Thanks, it is such perfect timing, we couldn't worked out better if we'd planned it, as we'd have had to pay a year's worth of moorings up front if we'd had to stay where we are now!

    @Heffalump: It depends when we can fit it in. Its only a 2 hour cruise from where we are now. So it can be done of an evening, or if possible we'll do it on a weekend, and cruise in style!

    Thanks everyone!

  6. Congratulations, it looks idyllic! Do you have water/waste disposal there too? I'm too soon out of a house to contemplate living without mains electric at the moment but in a few years when I've hardened up some, maybe I'll try it :)

  7. @Soulgirl: It has water point and elsan disposal just round the corner through the bridge in the photo. We've never had a shore-line connection, ever since we moved aboard 18 months ago, so we're used to being off grid! We're planning to sell the wind genny and buy solar panels.