Friday, 8 January 2010

Helena Rides Again

According to the Cambridge News story, Helena Knowlsey, the boat which recenly sunk in Cambridge, has been sold for £3000 hours before a 24hour salvage notice applied by the Cam Conservators was up. Apparently the owner had been given a day to refloat it, or it would be impounded by the Conservators. But he was contacted just in time through Facebook, by someone who was prepared to take on the massive project of refurbishing it. Rather optimisitically perhaps, the story suggest that the boat 'could sell for up to £60,000 after a major revamp.'

Picture: Cambridge News

When the story went to press, they were still pumping it out, and we've not been down that way ourselves to see the progress. There is a video on the Cambridge News website showing the pumping in progress. I'm glad that something has finally been done to save this sad boat, but from a personal point of view, I have to say I'm also glad to see it leave the mooring scheme, as the previous owner would not have been permitted to sell the mooring with the boat, and that's one place closer to the top for the Duck...

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  1. It seems this is a boat at the end of Midsummer commons near the footbridge (just before the rails). I remember just two boats mooring there, Kate and Paul Menell, and a single lady who was very active on her boat at the time. Is this her boat?