Monday, 4 January 2010

Frozen In

After a few chores in Cambridge, we left the visitor moorings for home at 2pm yesterday, on a chilly but bright afternoon. On the way, I made a stew, and left it to cook slowly on the stove. When we arrived home, we had to do a bit of icebreaking to get into our mooring. (The place we moor is just off the river, in a sort of lagoon, and the water is comparatively still in there). We got a taste of what it must be like on the canals right now, listening to the tremendous SSSCCEEURUNNNCH noise that the ice made as we broke through.

We unwrapped the standpipe tap from its cocoon of insulation, and filled the water tank before it got dark. Then we attacked the mess in the bedroom, and sorted out a lot of stuff which needed doing, with only a brief break to eat the stew which had been cooking on the stove for hours (just what we needed in this freezing weather).

This morning, the water has refrozen around us, although I don't think its thick enough to prevent us from moving of we needed to.

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  1. Our marina is very frozen. This morning I found my cat, Muffin, walking across the ice in the direction of the huddled Swans... he scarpered when they clocked him and displayed they're somewhat majestic yet large wings in his direction :o)