Monday, 31 August 2009

Battleship Grey

Or, rather, International Yacht [and narrowboat, toolbox, fuel can, and all manner of other objects] Primer grey.

I finished, after 6 days of work, stripping all the paint off the roof and the upper part of the sides of the boat, as well as the rear bulkhead. We had painted parts of the roof as we went along, and today, I used a marker pen to mark any unevenness, and then angle ground off the paint from that area, before using metal filler to smooth over the areas of pitting, weld lines, etc. John had given me a lesson in mixing the grey filler with the tube of hardener, and how to apply it smoothly and evenly. After some work with the sanding block, the roof came up nice and smooth in the area.

We had a patch-repaint over those areas, and any of the areas of the roof where the first primer coat hadn't quite covered all the rivets and awkward areas.

In the process, we found traces of the Duck's previous paint schemes, including a traditional-style curved design on the rear bulkhead.

Amy also went blackberry picking- very bucolic! After a visit from Paul, an avid blog-reader- making a special trip to see us!- we had a visit from another set of friends, Richenda and Dave, and again we had a lovely dinner and really nice Kentish cider.

The plan is for me to put on another coat tomorrow, weather permitting, before going back to work on Wednesday. I can legitimately say that I have achieved my aim of painting the Duck's roof during the holidays- but only just in time....


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