Sunday, 16 August 2009

And now the Rutland Forecast

...issued by Lucky Duck, on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, at 19:30 on Sunday 16th August.

South River Cam and Lode, West one-point-two amps, average, gusting two point six. Occasionally three amps at first, decreasing zero at times.

Moderate to slight, passing historic sailing craft and swimmers. Good.


To explain, John Pippin remarked that when you get a Rutland wind generator, you start to categorise the wind speed by the number of amps it produces. Gone is the Beaufort scale, replaced by the Marlec Scale from the gentle 1 amper to the 13A gale!

While we were relaxing beside the boat this afternoon we saw several beautiful historic gaff-rigged wooden sailing boats, as well as one swimmer - Jackie Pippin's brother was visiting and is a keen 'wild' swimmer. It was a lovely day but we didn't feel inclined to jump in too!

Dinner was enhanced by some lovely vegetables grown by a neighbour at our mooring in their vegetable patch!

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