Saturday, 4 July 2009

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Today started, as usual, with rowing and coxing for both of us, after which we headed home. We had a few things to do before our friend Richenda came to visit. While I tided up, James was very kindly given a lift by John III to the village where a very useful shop sells Calor gas. We haven't run out, but wanted to replace the empty one so that we have a full one ready for when it does.

When our friend arrived we settled down on the grass bank to have afternoon tea in the sunshine which was lovely. She hadn't been to visit before and was very impressed by our beautiful surroundings! We let Lyra have a wander outside, and she is getting more and more bold. Thankfully she stayed dry this time, but did extend her explorations to walking up and down the gunwhales, roof and stern deck as well as hissing at Flanders and Swan and a brief encounter with Grace, the lovely greyhound who belongs to one of our neighbours!

"I'm a proper boat cat now!"

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  1. Lyra is one cool kitty! Love reading about her adventures