Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Bumps (Day 1)

Not the best start for Chesterton last night:

M1 - Down 1 (James' boat)
M2 - Row over
M3 - Down 3 (double overbump)

W1 - Row over
W2 - Down 1 (my boat)

M3 were particularly unlucky as Emma has documented here.

It mas my first ever bumps race so I'm just glad nothing went drastically wrong! We did get bumped, but our start was pretty good, no-one caught a crab or anything and we were (apparently) gaining on the boat in front. Bring on tonight!

Our friend Paul is keeping a blog about his experiences as Captain of M3, which is pretty entertaining and worth a read.

Results are alas, not up online yet, although this is where you'll find them when they are.

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