Sunday, 10 May 2009

Gratutious cute fluffy animals photo No.2

Ducklings resting with their mother on the pontoon where the Clare punt lives.

I had a very rivery day yesterday (more so than normal anyway). It began (obviously) with waking up on my boat, followed by a cycle down the river to Queens' boathouse, where I then got in an VII to row back in the direction I'd come from. I retired to the library to complete some job applications, before meeting up with James at Clare College, where we had a picnic by the river before collecting the keys to the Clare punt. We went for a trip up and down the river, James skilfully avoiding several collisions with the vast numbers of inept tourists and inebriated students who flock to Cam on sunny days. Best quote of the day "We are now approaching St John's College, where the hat was invented in 1492" by a guy who was clearly parodying the Scudamores tour guides. It was also hilarious to hear that Mr ASBO has now become included in the punt tour guides' shpeil! 

St Johns Kitchen Bridge, the lowest bridge on the Backs. Would the Duck get under, we wonder? 

After our punt trip, we wandered over to Kestrel to see if anyone was in, and stopped by for a cup of tea before heading to B&Q to buy an anglegrinder. James has lost the keys to his bike lock so we were resorting to desperate measures! When we got back to our mooring (my by bike back along the river again) James was very excited to try out his new toy. John gave him a quick lesson in how not to chop his fingers off, and the bike was soon freed from its shackles.

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  1. James is standing at the wrong end of the punt.