Saturday, 23 May 2009

Family Matters

Our day started with news of a tragedy. Yesterday evening, five of our swans' new brood had been washed over a weir and could not be revived. John describes the full story here, and we heard it from him as we were just leaving for our respective rowing outings.

When we were both back on land, we met up with James' dad, brother and cousin at the Museum of Technology, where they were visiting an exhibition, so decided to combine a visit to the Duck. The boys enjoyed poring over the various engines on display, and I learned all about the various Listers that James' dad has owned and displayed over the years.

Wet cells on display at the museum

We took the opportunity to pick up lots of petrol in James' dad's car, before heading back out to the mooring. Luke, the cousin, was quite fascinated by the boat' you've got everything you need, just here!' 'its amazing, you look out of the window and see water!' It was great to see them! The swans were also about, acting very protectively about their remaining two cygnets.

Mum looks after her babies

We are now enjoying the evening sun, sitting on a lovely new set of tables and chairs that John and Jackie have picked up which were 'free to a good home' in the village. An application of sugar soap and linseed oil are rendering them quite lovely.

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