Monday, 2 March 2009

Bumps, Bangers, Burgers, Bacchus and Beer

Heading into town into the sunset

Waiting for the lock to empty, ready for the convoy

Bacchus and Kestrel in the lock

I spent Sunday morning with my rowing crew, in preparation for WEHoRR- Women's Eights Head of the River Race, which is taking place next Saturday in London. After a pub lunch, I got a lift back to Clayhithe and a text from Emma- Kestrel and Bacchus (another friend's boat) were heading back into town and were at Bottisham Lock. Amy was unfortunately at work, and so missed out on the sunshine.

I started the engine and moved off , through Baits Bite lock- which is as slow as ever!- in front of a very large number of gongoozlers, some of whom with cameras. I kept my cool as, with sunglasses on, I emptied the lock and then brought the Duck to a graceful halt right alongside the lock wall I wanted, before tying up loosely and opening the guillotine gate. After locking though, I moored the Duck up on the lock landing stage, and after checking for boats coming in the other direction, I reset the lock ready for Kestrel and Bacchus, who cruised sedately into view and both made perfect entries into the lock. There were less gongoozlers, though, by that point, so arguably less pressure on James and Tanja to get their steering right!

I was tempted to wait below the lock to try and fit all three boats into the lock together. Perhaps we will next time.

We headed into town into the setting sun- after a mock bumps racing start-  and moored up safely in our respective places- with the Duck outside the Fort pub. Amy joined us all inside and a fun evening was had by all. 

All in all, a rather lovely day, even if I didn't have sausages or a burger for dinner.

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  1. Kestrel, Bacchus and The Duck should fit in Baits Bite Lock at once, no problem - its 100ft long after all! in fact we need to get Montie in behind kestrel for a really full lock.

    Your efforts in helping us through yesterday were much appreciated, and I enjoyed out numbering rowing boats for a change!