Monday, 12 January 2009

You've been framed

Today we finally finished putting up some photos that we'd had printed - mementos of our journey and such a nice addition to the boat's interior. It took a full evening to choose them, but these are the photos we've chosen so far:

Dramatic shot of us breasted up with our rescuers, and a photo of the Duck with a fleet of Optimists, just like my first ever boat, Orca, that my dad made for me.

'Steam' series - steam narrowboat President, seen last summer, and an atmospheric shot of Didcot Railway Centre, the day I signed the boat mortgage contract. We both also have many happy childhood memories of visiting Didcot!

The End of our journey (sunrise on the Cam) and the Beginning (taken by the Duck's previous owner)

Random memories!

Thanks to James' mum who made this for us!

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  1. What super frames. When I saw the first one, I thought it was a view out of the window.