Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Marxist Tea

This is my latest box painting attempt, a tea caddy for a friend of ours who turned 23 yesterday and is a self-proclaimed Marxist. James supplied the terrible pun ('Proper Tea is Theft', which is marginally better than the other suggestion 'To Each According to His AbiliTea') and I got out my new enamel paints. She was very pleased with the result!

In other news I have a day off and am about to go and buy 150% of my weight in coal...


  1. BRILLIANT pun! Nicely decorated box Amy :)

  2. Only it was Proudhon who actually said that of course... so it would be more anarchist tea.

  3. Unfortunately I don't know any anarchists, though; perhaps Cambridge is the wrong place to be looking? ;)

  4. I like the 'abilitea' one... ;-)

    Proudhon can also be applied to curry by vegans - as 'proper ghee is theft'.

    Many many years ago I bought a punk fanzine from someone obviously based in Norwich, as he suggested that all the anarchists in the Uk should move to Norwich and set up a model city based on co-operation etc. I don't think it got very far, mind. ;-)