Friday, 24 October 2008

Unlicensed Boat!

Us, in short.

We bought a one-month EA license at Denver sluice back in September, and it now has expired.

However, I phoned up the EA to buy another, only to find out that- because the Denver lock keeper hasn't yet passed our details- or the cheque!- on to the central office of the EA, we're not listed on their database and so can't yet buy a new one until we recieve- by post- an application form and send it back- rather than just doing it over the phone as I'd hoped.

In the meantime, then, we're unlicensed until the paperwork is sorted out.

Now I understand why several boats in Cambridge I've seen have notices in the window saying, "License paperwork in the post"; I think I'd better get paper, pen and some blu-tack!


  1. Its sad that you would need to do that.

  2. unfortunately you've never been able to just pay over the phone, you could print off the application form from their website and post it (with any relevent documents) to them. Once they have your form they have a quick turn around, so dont believe all the (few) signs you see in windows.

  3. Im not sure that bragging about being unlicenced is a good idea these days. Im sure you could find a way to sort this out without joining the "in the post" excuse gang.

  4. Have to say I agree, being unlicenced is not something to shout about, you're using the waterways as much as everyone else (who's licenced)does.
    Does this also mean that if you only got a months licence at Denver, you were unlicenced the entire time you were on the River Nene (also EA)too?

  5. Anon x 3 :

    it was not a good situtation but we did try to recify it and not to worry, we're now licenced!

    also, according to the guy i spoke to, had denver submitted our details we could have relicenced it over the phone.

  6. I also backdated the application to cover the period we were unlicensed.