Monday, 6 October 2008

Our 'latest' problem

... and some very good news!

James has a job, a 'proper' one at that! - working as an ICT support technician and teacher at a school just outside Cambridge. He started today and I've not heard anything since he left, but I hope its all gone well. As for me, I have the day off and am emailing people about references for a 'proper' job of my own. Not that I don't enjoy retail, but I really don't see myself ever becoming a manager, and I want to do something architecture-related if I can.

We are currently moored in Cambridge, with a rather annoying engine problem. (big)James and Emma are now back in Cambridge and they very kindly came over to have a look. (big)James identified it as a broken throttle control lever, which meant that the engine is 'idling' at 1600rpm and is very difficult to get into reverse. So we're stuck here (drat! ;) ) until we can find replacement or bodge something up.


  1. Congratulations to James - I hope it works out well. And may your search for a more fulfilling job be fruitful, Amy.

    Sorry to hear about your engine problem. I had a throttle linkage break once: I effected a temporary repair with an electrical terminal connector (the sort where a small screw tightens onto each of two wires)

  2. Very well done to James - fortune really does favour the brave and there are very few braver than you two. I do hope that the up turn in your fortunes continues.
    See you both at Christmas (if you have time!!) if not before.