Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Post Modernism

Today, after James' interview (no news yet, but fingers crossed!), and when I had finished work, we decided that we should go all the way to Upware again. We have been moored in Cambridge and Clayhithe for the past week, so in order to check our post a trip was required. It took 2 hours and 45 minuted in total and the cooling system performed excellently for the whole trip!

It was very exciting to get to the post-box wall and find that letters have actually made their way out here to the middle of nowhere - we received

2x cards from my mum
1x card from my grandma
1x package of important documents for James (including new bank card)
1 x boring bank letter to me

Tomorrow, I will make the first attempt to commute from Upware - luckily my shift's not til 12pm so I have a bit of time to work it out - I shall leave VERY early!

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