Monday, 10 December 2012

Productive Weekend

It was a weekend for sorting things. This time of year, daylight is at a premium, and we had quite a few things to do which needed light to be carried out effectively - James wanted to check the tappet clearances on the engine, as well as change the fuel filter. The engine's now running beautifully, and starts well even from cold. We also needed to take a few things over to the garage - we are slowly clearing things out of the boat to leave us less to do next year. The garage doesn't have any light, so anything over there ideally has to happen in daylight. Whilst over there we set to work on some pallets to chop up for kindling and now have a couple of big boxes ready to burn. We've been selling it to neighbours as well so wanted to have a nice stock of it.

The other job we got done was one which could be done in the evening, thankfully, and involved sorting out the contents of the kitchen drawer, otherwise known as the junk drawer. This sounds like a minor task, but perhaps you have not seen our drawer! It was stuffed full of "useful things" but far to jumbled up to make finding things possible! Inspired by a post by A Thrifty Mrs about saying "no" to Junk Drawers, our drawer now looks like this:

And the pots on the table where a lot of these pens were stored are gone, leaving more space on the table.

I had bought some cheap plastic pots from Poundland and now we have a fixings pot, a batteries and fuses pot, a torches pot, as well as using a spare cutlery divider for pens, tools and stationary. Lots of obsolete and duplicate things went to the Recycling Shelf, and some markers and pencils went to James school. We celebrated getting so much done at the weekend with a takeaway curry!

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  1. Well done you two...take a bow.

  2. Well done you! It's a good feeling innit!