Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Summer Pootle Day 2: Big Ouse, Little Ouse

2 hours: 11 miles

After another lazy day in Ely on Sunday, we met up at 5pm or so with the Pippins, who were bringing their boat to the drydock at the Little Ouse Moorings on the Little Ouse/Brandon Creek to be blacked. We cruised in convoy down the Queen Adelaide strait, reaching 10.5 kph at one point - nearly breaking the speed limit! (Don't worry, it's a wide, deep river, so we weren't eroding the banks, and we slowed when we passed moored boats!)

It was a glorious evening for cruising, and with the stream, we reached the diesel moorings where the Pippins had been advised to wait overnight, at 8pm. A quick call to the owners of the place and we were breasted up with them, ready to get diesel first thing. 

We had a lovely dinner with them, and a few (too many) gins, before retiring to bed.

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