Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My Favourite Finds v18

Not done one of these for a while! Not that I've been unable to find things - I've been to Camden's charity shops and have a few purchases lined up for when I get time and weather for photos - I don't have time to stand around taking pictures of myself anymore and even if I did it's been too cold for outdoor pictures! But photographing shoes is easy and these are lovely. I've been looking for a pair of sensible lace up shoes for a while. These are so comfy, even with my wide, buniony feet, and I could not resist! They're from Clarks, so really well made, too!


Clarks shoes, RSPCA shop, £7

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  1. ah i love these!! :) i went charity shopping and found some books and a lovely beaded/sequined top from age concern hehe! x

    1. Saw the beaded top on your blog. Very pretty! xx