Monday, 15 November 2010

The Full Set

So, now the Duck has featured in the full set of waterways publications: Waterways World, where we had a article about our trials and tribulations in their 'Breaking Down' issue, Canals and Rivers, where Neil used some images of us blacking the Duck to illustrate his article, Towpath Talk, where our blog was featured, and now we're in this month's Canal Boat, with an article about our trip down the backs.

Thanks to everyone who has commented on the article! I really enjoyed writing it. I also owe a massive thank you to my friends who got off the boat and took such wonderful pictures - it wouldn't have been possible without them.

If anyone happens to come across somewhere which sells Canal Boat, I'd be grateful for a copy - nowhere in Cambridge sells it now Borders has shut down, and James' sub has run out. I'd pay you back! We may be sent a proof copy, but either it's not arrived yet or guest contributors don't get them.


  1. not even in WHsmith?! I have also managed to get hold of a copy in Martins newsagents...

  2. Nope. I asked in WHSmith and they said, 'No, Sorry we only stock magazines which people actually buy'!

  3. shocking! we have it in WHsmiths here. How frustrating. I have my copy... but that isn't much help is it! I will see whether I can get one locally (they have usually sold out by now) and bring one next week when I come to Cambs.