Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Perago a Go Go

This little wonder is a Perago Triple Blaster. It's a series of rubberised star-shaped discs with sharp tungsten-carbide teeth, and is apparently just the thing for removing paint from narrowboat cabins. Jim recently used one on Chertsey's cabin, and as it came highly reccomended by him, we've gone ahead and bought one to continue with the grand repaint in the half term.

I've also reserved an amount of serious kit with HSS, including a large rotary angle polisher which takes abrasive discs, a bigger version of those recommended by Neil on Herbie. Last night the Herbies were in town visiting their son and made a quick exit from the Beer Festival to visit Amy and very kindly give us some left over discs and abrasives.

We'll try out the Perago and see how we get on. Hopefully we'll have no need to hire the stuff we've reserved.

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