Tuesday, 6 November 2007

First (Proper) Post

ZOMG I'm quite impressed that this works. I might even start an actual blog... hmm. There's a thought. Basically I just set this up so that i could get the below cute photo off my phone and onto the internet. And somehow it set a blog up for me! Surreal.

My life isnt exactly interesting, but it might be cool to look back on it when i'm all old. Plus if i see interesting things when out and about it appears I can post them straight here from my phone. or even if I have a thought I want to record. This could actually be extremely useful.

OK then, I'll introduce myself. My full name is Amy-Alys and I am a Part 1 Architect working for Murphy Phillips architects in London. I live in a house in Harringay, N London with some girls I met through work. I'm happy here but my real home is Cambridge, where I spent the three years of my Architecture degree. I go back nearly every weekend at the moment because my other half, James, is still a student there, studying Rowing with History :p: I'll probably move back there next year. and then there's the narrowboat, but thats for another post!

(Incidentally, Scarlet Ibis is my online pseudonym. Its my username on the forum TSR (The Student Room) of which I have been a member since April 2004. Its one of the biggest forums on the web and is an online community of which I am actually quite proud to be part. I have met some of my closest friends and my boyfriend through it and its part of my life.)

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