Monday, 1 July 2013

New Adventures for Lucky Duck

Lucky Duck is now officially sold. The money is in my account and the new owners will be taking it on tomorrow, July 2nd 2013, nearly five years after we moved on board on August 1st 2008. At this point I should say a big thank you to Hartford Marina in Huntingdon, who managed the sale of the boat. I wholeheartedly recommend their brokerage services - not only did the boat sell quickly, but the process was stress-free, the service was professional but friendly, and I was kept well informed throughout. A stark contrast to our experience of trying to sell privately earlier this year!

I think it helped to sell the boat locally- out on the canals there are hundreds of similar boats but in this part of the country there are relatively few, so a well priced, sound boat with a recent survey sold quickly. It was only for sale at Hartford for a week before we accepted an offer!

For the moment, the Duck will be moored as a non-residential craft at the Fish and Duck marina at Popes Corner, until her owners' names come up to the top of the waiting list in Cambridge. Then, we may be neighbours! 

We are sad to see our first boat go, but I also feel a sense of relief that we can now fully focus on Willow and all the work we still need to do. 


  1. Awesome! Congratulations on the sale of your boat!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. Glad you're all sorted. Enjoy Willow now without worries. How is Lyra settling down now? Jill

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  5. At this point I should say a big thank you to Hartford Marina in Huntingdon, who managed the sale of the boat.
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