Friday, 17 May 2013

Lucky Duck for Sale Again

Unfortunately we learned last night that the person (whose offer we accepted on the Duck back in late February) has changed his mind about buying the boat for personal reasons. So the Duck is back on the market. Tonight we are moving it out of town and will either take it to a mooring near Littleport and continue to sell privately or to brokerage in Huntingdon, we’ve not yet decided.

Details of the boat are here.

Lucky Duck is a 48ft traditional stern narrowboat first registered in 1986, with a reliable BMC 1.8 engine. It sleeps 2, makes a great live-aboard boat and is well adapted to coping with being away from shore power. Easy to handle and well laid out inside with a traditional ‘saloon forward’ layout, it would be a good starter boat for anyone looking to begin a life afloat, or enjoy some holiday cruising. All systems are in good working order.
Last backed August 2011, BSC until 2017. Hull survey carried out 2013 and available for viewing.

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    1. I agree, but was thinking more in terms of four-letter words. Drat! and then some stronger.

  2. That's a pity (etc). Must make things quite tricky for you.