Tuesday, 18 December 2012

My Favourite Finds v.24: The Re-Cycling Shelf

I've mentioned the Recycling Shelf on Aylestone Road before, but it really came up trumps yesterday! I was with another of the Camboaters committee, having been to buy food for our boaters party tonight, and we passed the niche in the wall with the shelf in it. Leaning against it was a mens bicycle, looking a bit forlorn but full of potential with a nice orangey bronze frame and drop handlebars. James has been hankering after a "fixie" bike for some time and so, with this frame to work on, I thought, he will be able to do it up as he likes. I wheeled it home to leave on the boat as a surprise for when he got home.

I did a little research into the brand, Sun. Based in Aston, Birmingham, it has not made a bicycle since 1961. The company was taken over by Raleigh, which did actually continue to produce Sun branded bikes for a while afterwards. Looking at the graphics on the frame, I reckon this one was produced in the Raleigh era.

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  1. Top find, Amy!
    Is it a Sun 'Squadra'? Reynolds 531 double-butted tubing if so......

    Brakes could be lightweight Weinmann too, with Huret gears....although Campagnolo would be best........

    Ooh, here comes Jackie with my 'sad old git' pills....


  2. If you want a dynamo lighting set let me know !