Monday, 9 January 2012

Crab Apple Brandy

I made a lot of home-made gifts for Christmas presents this year. (I would have blogged about these before Christmas, but wanted them to be surprises)

Crab Apple Brandy

Basically the same technique as any other fruity booze, like sloe gin, so there's no need for precision, it will just turn out slightly different depending on the type of fruit you use and the quantities involved.

Just get a large glass jar and half fill with halved apples (no need to peel or core, they're too tiddly for that!), add 8oz sugar and top up with brandy. Leave for as long as you can bear, shaking the jar to dissolve the sugar every few days. After a few months, strain the fruit and seeds through a muslin and bottle.

Don't throw away the 'leftover' boozy apples - they are simply delicious baked into a fruit cake.

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  1. Sounds good, although I was a tad disappointed. When I saw the post title I thought you had been setting up an illicit still!

  2. I like that recipe - someone bought me a bottle of somerset apple pomona a few years ago - it was delicious and I've wondered whether there was a way of making it (or something similar).

    There were tons of crabapples going to waste on the towpaths last year - maybe they'll all be used this year :-)


    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  3. As a grateful recipient of a bottle, may I please ask you to make some more next season?

    It was lovely!