Sunday, 18 December 2011

YWBS Christmas Gathering

We spent the weekend at our friends' house by the canal in Stone, Staffordshire, for the Christmas gathering of the Young Working Boaters Society, a group of 'young people' who like messing around in old boats. Until now, it's just been a fun way to meet people and go boating at the various rallies, and we've made some great friends through it. But there are exciting things in the pipeline which was the reason we gathered, and we spent a good couple of hours discussing. I shall not divulge details just yet as there are still things to be worked out, and it's a long term plan, but hopefully we'll be able to explain more soon.
Unfortuntely the weather was awful, sleety and wet, so we didn't really fancy boating. But we did go for a walk, to look at the yard where Joe is working on Pinner, a GU motor, and on into Stone for a delicious lunch at the tearooms, where I I had a delicious Staffordshire oatcake, and a wander in to the charity shops. Matt (or rather, Rebekah) found some fabric for new curtains in Tench.  

We spend the evening watching boaty films like the Bargee, and the headed out for dinner at a local pub. James and I stayed overnight rather than face the 5 hour journey home. 

Fradley the cat

Wish I had a josher at the bottom of my garden!

Lock 30 on the T&M at Stone.

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  1. What is a josher? I looked on Google but an still not entirely sure.

  2. So pleased you had a lovely time in Stone. It is of course the birth place of our boat which Roger built. Rebekah and family are wonderful, we have a very soft spot for all of them. The charity shops in Stone are fantastic, I found my first back cabin curtain material there as well.
    Happy New Year to you both. xxxx

  3. Bella, if James and Amy will allow me to reply to you here ...

    A josher is a boat from the Fellows, Morton and Clayton fleet, josher being a contraction of "Joshua", as in Joshua Fellows. Sometimes people will describe a modern boat as having a "josher bow" if it has a sort of double curve similar to the old FMC boats.

    If any of this is wrong I hope that someone will correct me!

    Oh, and a Happy New Year to all.

  4. Do Lucky Ducks thrive on Twitter feed?