Monday, 17 October 2011

My Favourite Finds v15

I recently had to throw away my wonderful lace-up boots as the sole had come undone from the upper and none of the shoemenders in Cambridge could fix them (or at least, they weren't prepared to try).

So, I sought a replacement, as sturdy walking boots are a must when (as I do) you are walking in London a lot. I scoured the charity shops for lace-up boots for some time, but could find nothing. Then, I decided to try Jemporium Vintage. I don't normally advocate 'vintage' shops, as for me, half the fun of charity shops is discovering things for yourself, rather than having all the trendily retro things presented to you for inflated prices. But I found a veritable treasure trove of second hand Doctor Martens and bought myself this pair, at £20, as they were just so incredibly comfy, I couldn't resist. Given how quickly my other boots deteriorated, I'm resolved to only buy decent boots (second hand if possible) that will actaully last!

The ribbon laces were an afterthought - they came with standard brown laces - but I'd seen this done on full price DMs in the shops and wanted to try it out for myself. I like the way it adds a touch of colour and quirkiness so cheaply - the ribbon I used here cost me all of £1.30.

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