Tuesday, 22 June 2010

200 Mile Punt

An intrepid team of punters left town a few days ago in order to punt from Cambridge to Oxford, beating the current Oxford to Cambridge record of 14 days and raising money for Help for Heroes (donate here). They will be punting in shifts through the night in order to try and make it it 12 days.

The team leave Cambridge (Lucky Duck's bow is in the background!)
Photo: Cambridge News

Interestingly their route takes them up the Ouse, across the tidal stretch to Salters Lode and the Middle Level, then along the Nene, the GU and the Oxford Canal. Personally, I would have looked into heading to Bedford and thence to Milton Keynes and the GU. It would probably involve a short portage, but they don't seem to be averse to assistance, having secured tows across the tidal stretch and Braunston Tunnel! I'm sure there is a reason that they chose the long way round, I'm just intruiged to find out what it is.

So if you'll be on an of those waterways in the next two weeks, keep an eye out, and cheer them on! They will be in Braunston for the Historic Boat Rally, which will be interesting. They have a blog so you can keep track of how they are getting on.

Incidentally, we'll also be in Brauston for the weekend, meeting up with Sarah and Jim to see Chertsey for the first time! The car is booked and we are very excited.

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  1. Hi Amy,
    We took the longer way round because it is only a fraction longer, can't remember exactly but not many miles at all. The portage required would have involved at least 4 or 5 weirs with no obvious path round on the Ouse after Bedford and getting onto the GU would have been an interesting challenge! So we figured that the simplicity of a navigable route would be faster than getting stuck for half a day - that punt is heavier than it looks!