Thursday, 8 April 2010

Fun and Frolics!

We have had a brilliant couple of days, with the Warriors in town! Sarah has written two blogs about it so far: 1 and 2, which describe most of what we have been up to.

On Tuesday evening, James was coxing, and I went to see the Moomins on Melaleuca, as they had promised me cake! They were feeling quite tired so retured to bed, leaving Sarah, Jim and me to go and find James after his outing and head to the Elm Tree, to add the Warrior's collection of pubs visited in Cambridge.

On Wednesday, I went to work in the morning, and James cruised up to Clayhithe with Melaleuca, heading to Ely to find some primer Jim had spotted. I, meanwhile, met up with Jim and Sarah again to show them the charity shops of Cambridge (Sarah is an avid charity shopper). She found a bag and some shoes, and I got a lovely skirt for £3 and a pretty mug for 40p from Sally Ann's (this is the Salvation Army shop, biggest, cheapest and most down-to-earth charity shop of them all, also selling furniture and with drawers full of cutlery, underwear and other 'oddments')

It was raining, sadly, but we had promised them a tour of Cambridge. So we met up with James and headed into town, showing them all the places we love, including our old colleges and the University Library. We also wanted to look at the river, as we have formulated a plan to cruise down the Backs on Warrior, having established that with its low profile, it would be the perfect boat for the purpose. Sadly, we reckon the Duck would be too high. Most of the colleges were closed, as it is getting to exam term, and even though we are members of the university, would not be allowed to take guests in. But thankfully St Johns, which lays claim to the lowest (and therefore the most crucial) bridge on the Cam, had a side gate open, so we snuck in. Jim reckons Warrior would have no problem getting under there. We'll have to wait til Autumn though, as the Backs are closed to motor craft from now until then.

In the evening, we had a pint at the Fort with the Kestrels before heading to the Devonshire Arms for Real Ale from the famous Milton Brewery. They are all named after classical figures, and even I quite enjoyed my half of Icarus! See Sarah's blog for a photo of me surrounded by Ale! Last orders are at midnight, so it was another late night for us, but a very enjoyable one!


  1. Sounds like you have all had a great time! Our son sings the praises of Milton Brewery. Which one of you, by the way, went to Selwyn? That was our son's college.
    Kath Nb Herbie

  2. Just cycled past you on my way home- Lyra seemed fascinated by the teasing stick (or whatever it was you were using- I was almost as fascinated myself).