Saturday, 7 February 2009

Three Hulls Good, One Hull Bad

Yesterday we took the train across the snow blanketed country to Exeter, where I grew up. I've always loved the train journey but ever since getting excited about canals, I've enjoyed it even more. For a fair proportion of the route, the line follows the Kennet and Avon Canal (incidentally, if we ever get kittens, they will be called Kennet and Avon). Iced over in many parts, it looked quite beautiful in the snow. I even managed to photograph it from the train. And the forum on the screen in the first picture? Yes, that's CWDF...

We arrived early afternoon and since the purpose of the trip was to recreate the Christmas we'd not made it to Devon for in December, everything had a festive air. We opened our presents, which included many lovely but small things so that we could transport them! My dad gave us a solar mobile phone charger which, having tested, works excellently. It will be really useful.

After our mini Christmas, we went with my dad to see his Telstar trimeran, now moored on the Exeter canal for the winter. I saw it when he first bought it but it was great to see it afloat, and with the mast up. Of course it was aboard Diva that he had his heart attack, but he is now fully recovered and determined not to let that stop him sailing, so when summer comes around, we'll definitely be returning for a cruise!

There is even a photo of the Duck up in the cabin!

My dad and me:

We returned to the house in order to start cooking Christmas dinner, replete with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and roast potaoes cooked the way James' grandma showed me. We even had crackers! It was thoroughly enjoyable and we all felt very full, but happy.

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