Friday, 19 December 2008

Another Cambridge blogger...

nb Kestrel recently alerted us to the existence of another Cam narrowboat blogger: nb Nooksak

Alas, they are selling their boat, but its a great blog, not just about boating either! I wonder if there are any more undercover Cam bloggers? Certainly some of out neighbours read ours, as a shout out across the river from NB Zinfandel revealed recently. (They have a website, since they have been hiring out their boat, but alas, not a blog)


  1. We were the shouters - but unfortunately not the owners of Zinfandel. We rented for a couple of months on arriving back in the UK from San Francisco. When we sell our house, we may well be joining you back on the river in a boat of our own.

  2. Good luck - if you're planning to get afloat in Cambridge, I recommend, if you're not on it already, that you get on the waiting list now!