Monday, 13 September 2010

New Drawers

At the weekend, we went over to Oxfam to collect the new chest of drawers. We strapped it to the sacktruck and wheeled it home. 


Earlier we had turned the boat around so that the bedroom side hatch was on the bank side. It was no trouble to wheel home, and equally, when we came to fit it through the side hatch, slid in with centimetres to spare on each side. I had a satisfying afternoon sorting through the clothes and finding a new way of organising everything. I had a bit of a sock anmesty, matching up as many pairs as possible, and discarding the rest. 


Meanwhile, James had a go at the well-deck storage. We finally got rid of quite a few things which had been taking up space, and quite clearly we don't use, like a manky old sleeping mat for camping, and a portapotti which is broken. Now we have space for lots of coal storage, and as a plus, I think we've sorted out our slight list, by moving some ballast! A very satifying weekend's work.

1 comment:

  1. I hope the 'manky old sleepy mat' was not a thin foam one? They are excellent for cutting up to make a new gasket for the weed hatch.
    nb Jannock