Friday, 3 September 2010


St Matthew's Street garages

Saw this on my way home from work. It's lyrics from a song by Bring Me The Horizon. I really enjoy graffiti which shows some thought and inspiration, and isn't just imindless 'tagging'. It doesn't come close to the graffiti Sarah saw on a canal in London though. Love that one.

We have a very exciting weekend planned, but I will say more on Sunday night/Monday, once its all over.


  1. Perhaps as you enjoy inspirational graffiti, you won't mind if someone writes on your boat!!!! People like you do say some bizarre statements without thinking first!! Students of today.. mmmm

  2. Actually I thought quite hard before posting that. In fact I rewrote it several times. If someone painted something amazing on my boat, which I liked, I'd probably keep it! If they just sprayed their name, or something equally cruddy, I would paint over it.

    Also, I'd just like to point out that I'm not a student, and haven't been for nearly 4 years.